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Best Penis Extender Devices

Best Penis Extender Reviews in 2024

There are many penis extender brands available on the market today, but to help you in your purchase decision, we will review the best penis extender for you.

The burden of having to worry about your performance constantly and how you will stand up to the standard set by society is something that most guys struggle with.

Knowing how to tread this road is no easy task, especially because topics like such are commonly avoided in fear that things might take on a relatively awkward turn.

As such, learning the ins and outs of various enhancement methods is something that you would have to explore alone and half-blinded.

There are various penis extenders available in the market, and most, if not all, operate under the same principle: penile traction. The pulling action triggers the body’s growth response to allow the lengthening of your genital and improve its girth and performance during intercourse.

With the hundreds of penis extenders available in the market, getting lost in the heavy stream is as easy as seeing in broad daylight.

As such, perhaps these acclaimed seven best penis extender devices will be able to help you through this dilemma.

Recommendation Summary for Best Penis Extender

“Best for”Brand
Budget Extender Male Edge
Peyronie’s Disease Phallosan Forte
Comfort SizeGenetics
Convenience Phallosan Forte
Luxury Extender Jes Extender
Penis Extender Belt PeniMaster Pro
Best Overall (& Most Popular) Phallosan Forte and SizeGenetics

The Whys, How’s, Who’s, and What-Ifs

How to Choose the Right Penis Extender for You

There are various penis extenders in the market, and knowing how to choose the right one is as critical as learning to use each one of them.

Multiple companies develop their methods and features, resulting in a wide variation between different products and their compatibility with users and their conditions. In choosing which one is perfect for you, you should consider three main points: Purpose, Compatibility, and Budget.


Each penis extender, while they are working on the same biological concept, is geared differently to cater to a different population group and perhaps, even a different purpose.

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Some are more focused on increasing the length of your penis, some are geared towards straightening out curvatures, and some are designed to improve your general performance in bed. Choosing which one fits your situation should always be your step one.


The compatibility, on the other hand, is mainly reliant on your situation. Knowing your characteristics and matching them to the product’s features will help you maximize the benefits that you will be reaping and, of course, avoid injuries due to errors.


Budget, on the one hand, is pretty much self-explanatory in all aspects. While it might be a little logical to assume that expensive always means high quality, it is still possible to get as many benefits as possible from something a little less luxurious. It is all about having a discerning eye.

The Advantages of an All-Natural Approach

Penis extenders employ traction methods – the application of a consistent pulling action that “damages” (for the lack of a better term) the tissues in a way that it does not produce pain or discomfort but still encourages the body’s growth and recovery response to go into overdrive and promote the production of new cells.

Opting for the all-natural approach is attractive for many due to its safe and risk-free approach, eliminating the need for mysterious pills that many do not understand or invasive surgeries that are just plain out terrifying for most.

By utilizing the body’s response, the only unnatural thing that is being performed is using technological devices that are, by no means, penetrating any part of your body whatsoever.

In addition to that, using tension to enhance your genitalia would allow a greater margin for error – allowing even first-time users to freely explore their comfort levels and adjust depending on what they need.

With medications and surgical options, going back is not necessarily an option due to its pretty much direct and instant effect on the body.

Natural options, on the other hand, allows you to control things based on your comfort, will enable you to cater your method according to your needs, allows you to mess up and not have to deal with repercussions, and of course, will let you do it on your own time – whenever you want, wherever you want.

Determinant Features and Aspects of Penis Extenders

Each company will bring its twist to the mix to make its product stand out.

However, considering that they are operating under the same processes, the basic considerations would be pretty much similar for every device out there. These are the things that you should always look for when choosing the right penis extender for you.

To start, you need to learn the device’s fastening method. This would mainly determine the comfort that it would produce, but it could also affect the consistency of the results and the risks that may be associated with using the product.

Vacuum Fastener

A vacuum fastener employs, well, a vacuum to hold the glans of your penis in place – pulling it accordingly depending on its traction feature. A strap/tube loop, on the other hand, uses either a piece of rubber, plastic, or silicone tubes to hold the penis in place along the head of the area.

Traction System

The traction system, on the one hand, is another determinant feature that you should look into. There are two standard systems: a belt extender and a rod extender.

The belt extender is made for convenient use and adaptable traction – expanding according to your movements and physical activity.

On the other hand, the rod extender focuses on consistency using solid metal extension bars that apply a consistent stream of tension throughout your use.

These features are usually mixed and matched depending on the preference of the developer.

Knowing which features favorable to your situation could help you choose the best combination out of the thousands of products available in the market – perfectly catering your purchase based on what you need and what is most comfortable for you.

How to Maximize the Use of Penis Extenders

Although its all-natural approach minimizes the number of risks that could be associated with the product, there are still a few critical tips that you could consider in obtaining the best results from the product of your choice.

For starters, opting for a natural approach means that it will take its own sweet time for results to be evident.

As such, the use of these products would take hours on end – ranging from 3 hours during initial use to almost 6 to 7 hours of daily use after the two or 3-week break-in period.

This likewise implies the consistency of its use, applying the device on your genitalia for eight straight hours without ever taking it off other than for peeing or intercourse.

This also requires that the product be used nearly every day to allow the body to adapt easily to the tension and provide results at the most optimal period.

On the other hand, you should also apply the product with care, as you need just the right level of tension to promote the growth of new cells within your genitalia.

Most penis extender devices come with a user guide, but you could also consider your comfort level as a basis for the level of tension that you should be applying. However, note that applying too much can cause overexertion and perhaps even produce more harm than good.

Lastly, you should also clean the device right after using it. While it might be tempting to simply toss it in its storage after stewing for hours on your penis, hygienic practices would go a long way in preventing complications such as irritation or infection upon using the product repetitively.

Besides, most attachments can be machine washed – eliminating any reason really for not opting for a bit of cleanliness.

Additional Things to Take Note Of

Much like with any other product, compatibility issues should always be considered, as these may be one of the core determinants of the product’s overall efficacy and utility.

Various things could go wrong with a particular penis extender and knowing whether it was compatible with you in the first place is extremely helpful in narrowing down the possibility for such risks.

If you are suffering from an underlying condition that you think will somehow interfere with using this device or is possibly causing the symptoms you are experiencing, then perhaps it is better to consult a doctor beforehand.

While most of these products are relatively risk-free and would require no consultation to be used at all, consulting your doctor is likewise another step in making sure that you are carelessly shooting in the dark while carrying a gas tank. Again, being sure is always better. No matter what.

On the other hand, if you are also taking medications that could impede your pain sensation, you might want to use them hours before or perhaps even after using the device.

Not being able to sense pain might cloud your judgment when it comes to the amount of tension – unwittingly applying an excessive amount of pressure that could cause damages to your tissues.

Lastly, the schedule should also be considered for the use of this product. Although it can be used virtually anywhere, concealing the product is still a decent thing to do for many, especially when you are in public.

As such, scheduling a specific time frame for its use could help you avoid any embarrassment or perhaps even injuries caused by simultaneous physical activities while you are wearing the penis extender.

Oh, and during sleep? Some are not compatible with that, too, so you may also have to cross that out.

The Best Penis Extender Devices on the Market


The SizeGenetics device employs an extension rod system to deliver a precise amount of traction that the user can then finely tune using the knobs on the side.

With the inclusion of various elongation bars within all the packages, the limits are likewise adjustable – allowing for both a coarse and fine adjustment of its compatibility with the size of your penis and the tension necessary to produce results.

The positioning of the rods is likewise ergonomic, preventing any discomfort associated with the junction between the medical-grade plastic base and the metal rods that are extending either the comfort strap or the silicon tube to provide pressure on your penis.

However, considering the metallic makeup of the rods, it might cause a little discomfort or a cold sensation whenever your skin touches the metallic surface.

On the other hand, the traction system of the device utilizes both comfort straps and silicon tubes depending on the package ordered.

There are four varying packages available for the product that you could choose from – with the value edition being the only one that contains a comfort strap. Although the value edition is indeed at a great value with a price of only $199.95, the comfort strap is often uncomfortable for many due to its material of choice.

In addition to that, the silicon straps, while relatively more comfortable due to their elasticity, could still cause a little discomfort associated with friction and a constricted application of pressure.

However, this observed discomfort is only present during the initial period. It quickly subsides within the subsequent few sessions as your body adapts to the level of pressure that the device is applying.

Overall, the device’s comfort level is certainly nothing to rave about, but it becomes tolerable, much like how it goes with breaking into various other products.

On the one hand, its included amenities are certainly applaudable – discreet service and shipping, a money-back guarantee, and a 1-year warranty. The device is delivered to your doorstep with no markings whatsoever other than your address.

The warranty is included in every package – even the value edition and the money-back guarantee is good for four months – a period that is more than enough to gauge whether the device is doing wonders for you.

While it might not be the best in terms of its comfort and delivery of traction, it certainly makes up for it with the amenities that further its utility even more.


  • Two options for traction: Silicone tubes or Comfort Straps
  • Discreet Service
  • 4-month money-back guarantee and 1-year warranty included in all packages
  • Ergonomic design that prevents discomfort
  • Adjustable metal rods on top of finely tuning knobs


  • Uncomfortable comfort straps
  • Cold metal might cause discomfort
  • Relatively more expensive as you go up the packages

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Phallosan Forte

The Phallosan Forte device is an innovative approach towards penile traction. It combines a vacuum fastening method with a belt extender system that promotes convenience and discretion.

This penis extender comes with a vacuum at its tip that sucks in the penile glans – holding it in place comfortably without exposing it to hard surfaces that may cause discomfort otherwise.

In addition to that, the suction bell, as they call it, also comes in three standardized sizes that are guaranteed to fit most men – making for a more extensive compatibility range in theory.

The suction bell is then supported with a protection pad that further eases the insertion of the penis into the chamber and prevents any localized pressures upon applying the traction using the belt.

On the other hand, the belt attachment provides the most versatile way of applying traction – allowing the user to taper the amount of tension depending on their sensation and allowing the stretching or adaptation of the traction depending on how much you move and the intensity of each movement.

This adaptability is critical in preventing injuries caused by unforeseen extensions caused by sudden movements, making the product suitable still even when the user is in public.

The device itself has been presented in various articles in well-renowned journals – further supporting the basis and efficacy brought by the continuous use of the device.

From incurvate penises to penis enlargement, it can provide a sufficient and safe amount of traction that could produce results within the most reasonable amount of time.

Even though it may take a while for results to be evident, its convenience is also not necessarily impeded due to the belt attachment that allows it to be worn under relatively loose trousers without being too bulky or catching people’s attention.

With its washable components on top of everything else, adherence to the routine is undoubtedly made easier – promoting the development of results in a shorter period.


  • It can be worn and hidden under trousers due to its belt system
  • Comfortable materials used for vacuum
  • Backed by multiple studies in well-renowned journals
  • Adaptable to sudden movements
  • Features allow for easier adherence to routine


  • Vacuum function might be painful when you have open wounds in your genitalia
  • Standardized sizes may not fit men with extreme cases

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The ProExtender device is perhaps a lightweight variation of most penis extenders in the market – reducing the weight of its overall load by removing all unnecessary components and only including those geared towards producing results and maximizing the individual’s comfort.

This penis extender utilizes a combination between a rod extender system and both comfort straps and silicone tube straps – providing comfortability options for people who are willing to spend a little more in exchange for the gentler touch that the silicone tube strap is offering.

The device itself is pretty much the basic penis extender outline: a base, two elongation bars on its sides, and the straps at the end holding the edge of the glans in place.

The base is a standard-issue ergonomic plastic base that sits well on the pelvis, preventing any slippage or removal of the device while the traction is being applied. This is then attached to a pair of elongation rods that come in either 2-inch sets or ½ – inch sets, depending on the package that the user availed.

While the inclusion of various rods allows for adjusting the limits that the penis extender can support, no other supporting adjustment methods are included in the device, limiting its fine-tuning capabilities when necessary.

The only adjustment method included is the bars’ rotation, making the adjustment relatively crude at best. The fact that the rods are made from metal does not contribute to its comfortability, seeing as how cold metals are most often than not uncomfortable to the touch.

On the other hand, the straps excellently cup the glans of the penis – providing sufficient traction while avoiding the localization of pressure that could then result in friction burns or redness within the area.

In addition to that, the straps are likewise adjustable through a simple push-and-pull mechanism that allows for their ease of use and ease of adjustment upon insertion.

While this is not necessarily sophisticated in any sense, the removal of other amenities indeed allows the product to weigh as little as possible – making it nearly unnoticeable despite being attached to your genitals for hours.

It is not the most budget-friendly among various top options considering its contents, with the two options being priced at $299.95 and $399.95, respectively.

Such price points might be a little steep for some people running on a budget, but a complete money-back guarantee somehow supports this one way or another to ensure that such expenses are not wasted on empty promises.


  • Extra lightweight
  • Comfortable straps
  • Easy to use the standard design
  • No additional mechanics necessary to learn before use


  • It can be too “simple” for its steep price point
  • Comfort features are not exactly highlighted

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Jes Extender

The Jes Extender device provides the exact definition to the word “complete,” offering packages that can cater to individuals running on a budget and those who have the luxury to go a little farther with their penis extender of choice.

The Jes Extender device is not entirely different from other products – utilizing a rod extender system for its traction support while also using comfort straps and silicon tubes to provide their users with a few options as to how they would like to proceed.

It comes with your run-of-the-mill design for the base – circular, flat on its back, and perfectly presses against your pelvis to avoid it from exerting too much pressure on the bones or at a single point.

The rods, however, are provided at a more extensive range of sizes – covering 1-inch, 2-inches, and ½-inch rods with their quantity and availability depending on the package that was purchased.

With such a variation in the sizes of the rods and the inclusion of fine-tuning hand screws on the sides, users can provide a more precise amount of tension that is perfect for their tolerance and comfort level.

This is then further assisted with the inclusion of both the comfort strap and silicone tube on all the packages, providing such an option to switch between the two no matter your budget.

On the other hand, the prices go from manageable to overwhelming in a few seconds, with its tag ranging from $199 for its Light Package to $1000 for its Platinum package – and yes, it is indeed coated with platinum and comes with a certificate of verification for validity.

Although the contents of each of the packages do not differ when it comes to its comfort and utility, it provides various changes to the material makeup of the device depending on what was chosen between the titanium, gold, and platinum packages.

While these are not precisely amenities that contribute to the product’s overall comfort and usability, who says that your luxurious lifestyle could not be flaunted when it comes to such devices? Jewels over your jewels – why not?


  • Luxurious options are available
  • Affordable packages are just as good as other packages
  • Comfort straps and silicone tubes are provided in all packages
  • Wide variety of extension rods for finer tuning


  • Luxurious options are, well, expensive
  • No functionality that upholsters its other features

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Male Edge

If you are looking for that extremely precise device that delivers tension down to a T, then the Male Edge device is probably the one specially made for your circumstances.

It might seem cliché at first due to its common elongation rod – comfort strap setup. Still, it certainly improves on that with a bit of integration of modern-day technology and a hint of innovation when it comes to its tuning techniques.

To start, no, this is not your common extension rod that comes bare naked with its metallic tinge and ice-cold touch but let us circle back to that one later.

To actually start, this penis extender comes with a pretty common circular base that fits most penile girths – furthering its compatibility with a lot more men who might need the results that it can produce.

On the other hand, it comes with a rubber comfort strap that is not necessarily the best among all the available options but is still manageable with its excellent material and shape that efficiently supports the glans of the penis instead of gripping it in an isolated area.

Its fastening options and base structure performs decently in theory and has been shown to perform well in practice.

However, it changes it all with the extension rods that it employs in the device. Seeing as how the cold metal is often a source of discomfort in many users, the Male Edge device delivers this inside a plastic covering that prevents any cold sensation whenever the shaft touches any rods.

In addition to that, it is also attached to a spring-loaded measurement device that provides a numerical value regarding the tension that is being applied – covering options that are as low as 1200g and reaching high values until 2800g, effectively covering a broad spectrum of tension levels that the user can take note of and consistently apply for their everyday routines.

Overall, the Male Edge device is built for precision, and additional comfort – provided by its interconnected features improve conventional means and methods.


  • Comfortable plastic-covered rods
  • Precise tension measurement
  • The efficient design of the comfort strap improves its comfortability
  • Extremely affordable


  • Only a comfort strap is available
  • Traction is unidirectional and cannot be changed

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PeniMaster PRO

The PeniMaster Pro is the definite option for indecisive buyers, providing options for those who are still unsure of what they want and offering packages that offer everything they need to decide regarding their penis extender of choice.

The PeniMaster Pro is composed of two core components: its basic setup comprised of the glans-shaped vacuum chamber, the sluice rings, and the attachment port, and your preferred extender system – whether it is through belt extension or rod extension.

Its basic setup utilizes an anatomically shaped vacuum chamber that perfectly fits the glans of the penis – avoiding as much air bubble as possible that has been shown to cause swelling and irritation in other products that utilize the vacuum functionality.

In addition to that, it also comes with sluice rings of three different standardized sizes that are guaranteed to fit most men and are tailored to expand its compatibility and scope among users.

On the other hand, when the vacuum chamber is all set and ready, the user is likewise provided the opportunity to choose between a rod extension or a belt extension system.

While packages are custom built to cater to only either one of these two, PeniMaster Pro likewise offers a package that provides both – preventing the user from stalling due to indecision.

The rod system is not too different from standard rod extenders, mainly comprised of an ergonomic base ring and a set of extension rods that could be finely tuned depending on the sizes you opt for on top of the basic set.

On the one hand, the belt system utilizes an elastic belt that you could wrap around your waist, your thigh, or even your shoulder to position the penis extender at the most optimal location possible and allow it to adapt to whatever movements it is you must perform.

 It also deals with an unorthodox option.

They also offer a custom package that includes weights instead of traction systems – attaching a specific object with a precise amount of weight at the tip of the chamber, pulling it downwards, and applying the traction as usual.

This is not the prettiest among all the options, but this certainly provides another selection that the user can consider depending on their circumstances.


  • Offers packages that include both the rod and the belt system
  • Anatomically shaped vacuum chamber prevents irritation
  • Sluice ring perfectly adapts to the shape of the penis
  • Unorthodox options are also available


  • Discoloration may be observed due to the vacuum
  • The device is bulky for public use

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Quick Extender Pro

The Quick Extender Pro is perhaps the embodiment of comfort itself – mainly maximizing its comfort features on top of everything else to provide a relatively tasteful experience for the users apart from its reliable and consistent results.

The Quick Extender Pro device utilizes the common rod extender system and silicone tube combination – providing comfort right then and there due to its selection of the elastic silicon tube that does not apply intense pressure on a localized area around the penis.

In addition to that, its silicon straps are also doubled, coined as their innovative approach known as the DSS or the Double Strap Support System – providing a more consistent amount of traction among the penis extenders that utilize straps as it can keep the penis in place with additional security that consistently delivers the intended amount of tension.

With such a method of keeping the genitalia in place, it can also deliver the same results at half the amount of tension, reducing the risk of overexertion and excessive muscle tears that could otherwise be uncomfortable when not immediately addressed.

On the other hand, the underside of the DSS likewise comes with a wide supporting base that cradles the upper portion of the shaft and allows it to rest on the material instead of simply dangling along with the straps.

With the inclusion of such a feature, the pressure exerted by the straps is mainly redirected towards applying the traction instead of supporting the penis – further enhancing its tension delivery procedure.

On top of that, the inclusion of a polyurethane coating on its rods likewise eliminates the cold sensation that makes guys flinch upon contact, further improving the comforting and soothing experience that it provides.


  • Double Strap Support System effectively prevents overexertion
  • Supporting base lessens the load on the straps
  • Extremely affordable value edition
  • Coated metallic rods to remove the discomfort of cold metal


  • Use while sleeping is not possible due to the rods
  • Different packages are indicated for different conditions

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Dive Deeper: Enhancing Girth and Overall Size

After exploring the top penis extender devices on the market, many readers express curiosity about other comprehensive methods to enhance their size permanently. If you’re eager to delve deeper into this topic and discover the best techniques, don’t miss our in-depth guide on how to increase girth size permanently.

A Few Final Thoughts on Penis Extenders

Enhancement is undoubtedly a sensitive issue, even with the accepting generation of this era.

Issues regarding the genitalia are often discussed with contempt – making it harder to communicate the things you are experiencing and opening even to professionals about the things you are suffering from.

Changes being done with the body are always critical – this is the one thing you should never forget. Many options are within your reach out there, but it does not necessarily mean that you should blindly grab the nearest one to you.

Choosing the right penis extender is just as important as everything else. Safety is just as important as everything else.

While enhancement might be attractive for many, you should never forget that everything should and should always circle back to safety.

What is there to lose if you become a little picky now and then?