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Jes Extender Review

Jes Extender Review: Going Longer and Stronger

Genitalia size has long defined the mentality of men towards sexuality – shining it under such gleaming light that it is hard to see much else.

This even led many individuals to seek out dire options, either too risky or too ambiguous.

This was me, a few years ago, confused, scared, and even worried about not being enough to be recognized by anyone.

Seeing what Jes Extender offers now would have saved me a lot of time looking for the perfect one when I knew that perfection was just around the corner.

It might have taken a few years to reach this point, but you could never go wrong with the newfound confidence and enhanced health that Jes Extender provides.

Jes Extender Summary

Jes Extender is a mechanical penile traction device that promises an improvement in the structure and functionality of your manhood – a luxury that many continuously seek out.

It seems bizarre to look at the procedure closely, considering that it causes tears within your tissue (microscopic, of course) to nudge the body and make it add and duplicate more of its cells in the areas where the traction is being applied.

However, as more tears are made, more tissue is rebuilt and accumulated – thus, mimicking the regular “growth” process of the human body.

It takes time (more like an inch every 1000 hours), sure, but with the absence of unnecessary risks and penetrative procedures, perhaps the time aspect does not seem like the worst thing in the world to compromise a few convenient hours for.

Its Peaks and Heights

  • Relatively more affordable than other penis extenders in the market
  • Hypoallergenic and medical grade materials
  • Backed by multiple 6-month clinical studies
  • Comfortable and Painless
  • Recommended use is tapered to prevent overexertion
  • Meets EU standards for safety, health, and environmental hazards

The Down-Lows

  • A wide rubber strap might be uncomfortable for some
  • The “Slow Start Up Schedule” might seem time-consuming for many
  • Relatively bulky for outside use

The Final Verdict

Jes Extender shines excellently in its niche area – aiding or inducing natural penis growth. This allows it to be effective for those looking for remedies for their genitalia size or curvature without exposing themselves to risks that are uncalled for and are not, by any means, considerable for their situation.

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While it might flop in certain areas due to its nature and structure, it certainly is still a must-consider option, especially if your conditions are right on the mark.

With just a few adjustments and allocations in the foreseeable future, you might be already looking at a potential option for your all-new journey moving forward.

Jes Extender Review

Eenie, Meenie, Is This for You?

Penile Extenders are all the rave in the market right now due to their presumed risk-free procedures, especially amidst the time of misinformation and suspicious chemicals available everywhere promising fast-acting, albeit ambiguous results.

As such, Jes Extender certainly is an attractive option for many individuals whose goals are consistent with the product’s promises. However, true utility is in knowing the extent of its functionality – requiring a few assessments to determine if the product is indeed compatible with you, your lifestyle, and your preferences.

Are you running on a budget?

Then that is the first tick right there from your list. The Jes Extender is relatively more affordable than other penis extenders in the market, with its cheapest package running at $199.99.

Despite the availability of other premium packages ranging up to $1000.00, these are more luxurious purchases that you could always come back to once you are convinced of its functionality and efficacy in action.

If you are hesitant to approach other medical professionals regarding your conditions, this might also be a perfect fit.

With its inclusion of detailed instructions and guides available in 6 languages – printed or digital, entirely up to you – all your questions and concerns about the product, how to use it, and various precautions for its utilization are already provided to you.

While it is still advisable to consult a professional, especially when your condition is probably tied to another underlying sickness, this could serve as an excellent placeholder until you are ready to be open about it.

From being a permanent solution to its relative ease of use, if you are someone who prefers “convenience done smartly,” then this might just hit the jackpot of your dreams and aspirations.

On the other hand, a few conditions might make the product counterproductive throughout the process.

If you search for that quick and easy effect that pills promise their consumers, this might not be the ideal place to look for that. Its natural processes utilize the gradual formation of tears and its recovery to promote growth – making it impossible to hasten it any faster than your body can regenerate.

In addition to that, this might likewise be schedule-restrictive, being a little uncomfortable when worn in public and even in sleep. Suppose you feel like your schedule would not be able to accommodate a relatively private time to use the product consistently. In that case, it might not achieve its intended results in an ideal amount of time.

The Cogs and Screws of Jes Extender

The Jes Extender is an excellently well-rounded device that performs decently for most normal situations. Its material makeup and design can perform with ease and comfort with just the right amount of pressure to induce growth.

The Design Can Fit Most Sizes

The device’s base is expertly molded to fit most sizes, with its scope ranging from 2 to 10 inches or 5 to 25 cm in length.

With such a specification, it will cater to the needs of most individuals looking for just the right penis extender to help them resolve their burdens and worries, restoring their confidence without forcing their genitalia to fit in tightly wound penile traction devices.

Adding the adjustable high-quality extension rods to the mix, it can also adjust further when necessary, accommodating sizes greater than 10 inches depending on how the rods are positioned against the genitalia.

With the combination of a well-fitting ring and an adjustable rod, it certainly can cater to a greater population – making it perhaps one of the most versatile options for your consideration.

Comfortability is Prioritized

To start, the device is made up of medical-grade hypoallergenic materials, preventing any risks for hypersensitivity, allergic reactions, or frequent friction burns brought by the constant tugging and pulling on the penis.

With its base ring perfectly shaped to rest on your pubic area, it remains comfortable despite wearing it for hours on end. This is further enhanced with the soft straps that would encircle the penis’ head upon attachment.

Considering the area’s sensitivity, this attachment certainly makes it easier to wear around while doing light tasks simultaneously. 

The adjustability and adaptability of the extension rods on the sides also allow the user to perfectly cater to their comfortability level with the amount of tension applied by the traction device.

Health and Money-Back Guarantee

The device itself is backed with various studies that promote its effective use for such conditions, providing specific references that could ease the minds of those who are still skeptical of its efficacy.

A published article in the British Journal of Urology certainly provides reliable evidence for its health and safety guarantee upon use. It makes the side-effect-free claim more reliable.

In addition to that, the packages likewise offer a money-back guarantee upon reviewing documentation of daily use and procuring no results after a few months.

While this might simply seem like a safety feature for the company to take accountability for any failures, this shows confidence in the product’s efficacy – showing that consistency has long been observed with users and that it provides actual results upon a few months.

While these effects might vary for each user, this is still evidence of faith in the product. I mean, if the company does not have faith in the device, why should the users even consider it in the first place?

Jes Extender Packages Offered: Basic to Luxury

The Jes Extender Packages’ range is as wide as their product’s compatibility – having products from heaven to earth price points varying based on their contents and material makeup.

  • Jes Extender Light at $199.99
  • Jes Extender Original at $229.99
  • Jes Extender Titanium at $249.99
  • Jes Extender Gold at $349.99
  • Jes Extender Platinum at $1000.00

The Jes Extender Light package comes with all the necessities for the device to function correctly (and, of course, the device as well). It comes with the basal unit, the dual function front piece, a silicon tube, a comfort strap, a protection pad, elongation bars of various sizes, and a quick guide.

The Jes Extender Original package, on the other hand, includes an additional set of keys and 2-inch elongation rods with its set. The Titanium package improves on the latter by adding smaller elongation bars for finer tuning and an extended warranty, much like the Original Package offered in contrast to the Light Package’s duration.

The Gold package is an odd one for sure as the device and its attachments are entirely made from 24-carat gold, taking the meaning of bling to a wholly new level. It also comes with a few additional attachments, such as a cohesive gauze and a custom Velcro strap to further maximize the comfortability and fit of the device to your genitalia.

Coming in with the exact definition of luxury is the Platinum package that provides a device coated with platinum and certified for verification purposes of its composition. With the simple addition of a no-slip ProTech, it might seem highly ludicrous to opt for such a package.

However, as silly as it might seem, perhaps it is precisely the type of fancy ornament to use around your jewels if you know you are feeling fancy. Not the most efficient choice, but what better way is there to flaunt your package other than with another package that is just as luxurious?

Jes Extender Deal

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to follow a strictly scheduled treatment pattern?

No, you can use it whenever you have the time or whenever you feel like doing so. However, following the 6-week startup routine is recommended to allow your body to adapt to the consistent tension that you will be applying later.

What is the maximum length that my penis can achieve upon using it?

A definitive maximum is hard to determine, mainly because it will depend on a person’s physiology and use habits. However, there have been reports of their size achieving double its original length. It certainly is completely based on your experiences.

Is there a specific limit to the sizing of the device itself?

While it has no expected upper limit with the combination of its ring and elongation bars, it is recommended for flaccid penises above the 1.6-inch range. Its efficacy with shorter genitalia has not yet been documented or pointed out by the company.

Jes Extender Reviews: What the Customers Have to Say

Jes Extender Review – January 2, 2021 (5/5)  

“This was a big step for me as I was previously super scared and worried about products like this, but I feel like I made the right decision even just after using it for a mere month. Using it is comfortable, and I could easily find the right tension in just a few seconds. Overall, I could confidently say that this will still be in my regimen for another year even!”

Review submitted by Osbert

Jes Extender Review – April 5, 2021 (3/5)     

“I am a big fan of penis extenders as they are straightforward to use, and I don’t have to think about whether I already took my pill or not in the middle of the night. This one was a bit cold because of its metal rods, but this is mainly due to my sensitivity rather than the product’s features. From its ease of use and set up to actual permanent results, I feel like I still made the right decision in choosing Jes Extender.”

Review submitted by Manfred

Jes Extender Review – February 12, 2021 (4/5)      

“Bulky – this is the only comment that I have on the product itself. It was a little bulky to hide under my pants, so I had to constantly stay in my room so that people won’t see it swinging around. But I guess this is made up for by the various adjustments you could make to the rods. With it, I could finely tune the pull, so the pressure is just right for me – no discomfort, no pain, no redness, no anything.”

Review submitted by Harrison

Jes Extender Review – March 28, 2021 (5/5)      

“I literally can’t complain about this device. The procedure surely blows my mind cause it is just pulling in there, so there’s that. But the results? I could see visible changes when flaccid, but it is even more when I am erect and excited. Seriously, it is hard to put my experience into words, but I am definitely considering buying another set just in case I wear this one out.”

Review submitted by Wallace

Jes Extender Review – April 4, 2021 (5/5)      

“Two words: Absolutely. Ecstatic. I couldn’t even begin to describe that experience, let alone fully explain my glee when I found out that the basic set is super affordable, even for me who is extremely particular when it comes to finances!”

Review submitted by Lesley


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