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PeniMaster Pro Review

PeniMaster Pro Review

Striving for larger genitalia is not necessarily on every guy’s bucket list.

However, with the standard attachment of its structure to a guy’s performance, it is easy to lose confidence and buckle underneath the pressure if conformity is not your thing – much like how it was not mine.

Not being able to tread the streets with a determined image started to restrict my socialization efforts, backing me into the nearest dark corner that I could crawl into.

The PeniMaster Pro could have been the one to complete me – to provide me with the confidence, the determination, and the strength to build new relationships once again.

With this PeniMaster Pro review, perhaps this could be the one to complete you, much like how it would have changed my life if I encountered it sooner.

PeniMaster Pro Summary

The PeniMaster is a device that employs penile traction and a vacuum-based pulling action to facilitate the growth of new cells within the penile area. Growth is commonly associated with the production of new cells, making it logical that enhancing the penis’ length would likewise require new cells in that area.

Although it takes time to induce the expansion of your penis’ structure, it eliminates the risk of having to surgically enhance it or partake in the use of medications that are not only ambiguous with its promised results but are associated with nasty side effects as well. The PeniMaster Pro device completely removes these fears and utilizes two methods.

Two methods apply a consistent stream of tension – through rod extension or belt extension – both of which employ the same concept behind penile traction devices.

While both may have their advantages over the other, choosing either one, or choosing PeniMaster Pro itself, would heavily depend on your needs, your situation, and of course, your preferences.

Points for PeniMaster Pro

  • Established medical tests back the device
  • Two different traction sets for your needs
  • Hypoallergenic and safe materials
  • No risk or observable side effects whatsoever
  • It can be applied for plastic-cosmetic or therapeutic purposes

A Bit to Reconsider

  • Incorrect use is common for first-time users
  • Add-ons are necessary for additional comfort
  • The complete set is slightly pricy

The Verdict

The PeniMaster Pro claims one of the top spots for its utility and versatility of use – perfectly adjusting depending on the user’s needs, comfort, and situation-wise.

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While it might not be the most beginner-friendly product in the market, the inclusion of a complete user and comfort guide could quickly resolve this problem, providing results without compromising its safety aspects and other respective qualities along the process.

PeniMaster Pro Review

Does the Shoe Fit? – Determining PeniMaster Pro Compatibility

Determining the right traction device for you is not easy at all, considering that there are many factors to take note of, not only to maximize the results that you will be obtaining but to ensure that you will be kept safe throughout the procedure as well—as such, assessing whether the PeniMaster Pro is the perfect option for you should be a determining factor in deciding whether pushing forward is a viable option at all for you and your circumstances.

The PeniMaster Pro can easily be coined as the jack-of-all-trades of the penis extender market, providing not only one but two traction options that the user can choose from depending on their condition and everyday situation.

If you are still somehow on edge about deciding whether you would like to select a product that utilizes rod extenders due to its vast stretching capacity or opt for belt extenders for its discretion, then perhaps going for the PeniMaster Pro could help you with hitting those two birds with one stone, or purchase for this matter. 

In addition to that, the PeniMaster Pro likewise tackles both plastic-cosmetic problems and therapeutic problems, making it one of the ideal options for users on both sides of the spectrum – those who would like a better structure and those who would like to have improved sexual performance.

It can address concerns such as penis enlargement and elongation, thickening, straightening, and glans shaping, as well as a few therapeutic problems such as Peyronies disease, retracting penis, premature ejaculation, and even erectile dysfunction.

If you are suffering from one of these conditions and are still unsure how to proceed with your treatment regimen, then perhaps giving this product a try could be the first step towards your enhancement.

However, if you are prone to bruising, this might not necessarily be an appealing option for you. Applying a vacuum on the glans using the pump ball might cause certain effects on those who are sensitive to blood flow restrictions, making it unsuitable if you are suffering from this condition.

In addition to that, if you are also looking forward to an instant “flaunt it if you got it” action after a few days of use, then perhaps this might not also be the best one for your needs. Due to the body’s painfully slow growth process, it needs time to allow the cells to replicate and accumulate in your penis, making this device a no-go for quick treatment options.

Knowing the Process Behind the PeniMaster Pro Device

The PeniMaster Pro Traction device comes with two different variations: the belt traction system and the rod traction system.

Both sets contain varying attachments that each perform differing functionalities, resulting in the respective advantages and benefits of each traction option.

However, both are still attached to the basic vacuum system – differing only on how the vacuum ball is supported with consistent traction throughout the procedure.

The Basic Device

The PeniMaster Pro Basic device mainly comprises the glans chamber or the attachment that directly holds your penis in place by its head.

The glans chamber is, well, you guessed it, shaped precisely like a glans – providing the optimal amount of suction power while preventing direct contact between the vacuum and the foreskin that may otherwise cause hypersensitivity reactions such as reddening and swelling within the area.

The chamber is then supported by a soft latex sluice and diaphragm that not only comes in different sizes to cater to a wider array of users but is also designed to adapt to the chamber’s suction and provide cushioning between the chamber’s walls and the penile glans.

This likewise prevents the formation of air bubbles within the chamber, ensuring that the penis is securely fastened upon traction and safe from reactions commonly associated with applying a vacuum on a vascularized (with proper blood flow) area.

The Rod System

Upon inserting the entirety of the penile glans into the chamber, two options are available as to how to proceed after that.

The rod system utilizes a bulky device supported by extension rods at its side that applies a straight pulling action on the penis to promote the growth of new cells within the area.

The inclusion of multiple extension rods allows fine-tuning of the amount of traction being applied – making it suitable for first-time users who prefer concise measurements over presumptuous instincts when applying the device.

In addition to that, the use of rods allows the traction to be as consistent as possible, providing only a straight pulling action that could otherwise be interrupted when using the other system.

The Belt System

On the other hand, the belt system utilizes a piece of fabric that either stretches across your waist, your shoulder, or your thigh to apply the level of tension that you generally prefer.

While this is not precisely a concise system, it perfectly caters to your comfort level, allowing you to adjust the traction and change it accordingly in an instant if you are feeling pain and discomfort throughout the process.

In addition to that, the use of the belt system likewise allows for its discrete use even in public – allowing you to accomplish a few hours of use even if you are at work or even if you are sleeping.

The inclusion of an elastic belt also allows for adaptable traction on the penis, allowing the device to adjust depending on the level of physical activity that you are performing (which, of course, is still not recommended for safety reasons).

PeniMaster Pro Packages, Pricing, and Inclusions

The PeniMaster Pro Device offers five different packages at relatively close price points, varying on its selected traction system and the inclusions indicated for a particular set.

  • PeniMaster Pro Complete Set at 243 Euros
  • PeniMaster Pro Rod Expander System at 209 Euros
  • PeniMaster Pro Belt Expander System at 192 Euros
  • PeniMaster Pro Basic System at 134 Euros
  • PeniMaster Pro Basic System + Weight Pulling Force Generator Bundle at 229 Euros

The PeniMaster Pro Basic System contains the simple necessities for the use of the device: the device as well as the sluice, diaphragm, split valve, and rotary valve, the pump ball, a ProMaster comfort and care set, a user manual, and a case.

The Bundle, on the other hand, includes weights that could be used directly on the basic system to apply a direct downward force on the penis-chamber setup. Simple, but still relatively effective.

On the one hand, the PeniMaster Pro Rod and Belt Expander Systems include the basic contents of the basic system and the necessities to employ each respective traction system properly.

These are then provided in a single set by the PeniMaster Pro Complete Set – offering both the rod and belt expander systems at a price point that is relatively less than the combination of its counterparts.

PeniMaster Pro Deal

PeniMaster Pro Reviews

PeniMaster Pro Review – August 29, 2021 (5/5)  

“I am an extremely indecisive person, and the PeniMaster really made everything so easy for me. It has a package that offers both the belt extender and the rod extender, so the only thing that I had to do was purchase that, and I was good. Thankful for this.”

Review submitted by Kim

PeniMaster Pro Review – January 13, 2021 (5/5)  

“This is really perfect for me, who has multiple conditions in my genitals. I wanted to enhance its length, but I also wanted to correct its curvy shape cause it seems to throw some people off. I am so glad that I found PeniMaster first to help with all of this.”

Review submitted by Milton

PeniMaster Pro Review – April 3, 2021 (3/5)  

“I had a few problems at first because I was not able to wear it properly. There was a little reddening around the head, but it eased after getting used to the vacuum thing that you need to attach. After that initial period, wearing it was straightforward, it immediately went in, and there was no discomfort because the chamber is shaped to fit the glans perfectly. I would probably read and try to understand the manual first if I were you.”

Review submitted by Chandler

PeniMaster Pro Review – February 21, 2021 (5/5) 

“Once you start taking a medicine-related course, it was hard to trust products out in the market. This one had multiple studies backing it! From an academic standpoint, I just had no reason to say no to its features, let alone complain about it. Super worth it!”

Review submitted by Henry

PeniMaster Pro Review – December 7, 2020 (4/5)  

“I was freaking out at first because I thought that the chamber wasn’t supposed to have air bubbles. It turns out the sluice was the one that you need to place to make it fit. Maybe add a little note first in the quick guide as the whole manual was just a tad too long for me.”

Review submitted by Andy

PeniMaster Pro Review – January 28, 2021 (5/5)  

“I like how there are a lot of options that you could take with this product. There are belts, rods, and even weights! If you are just like someone who simply can’t decide what’s best, which sometimes leads to me choosing the wrong thing, then maybe this would be just as perfect as well. 10/10 for sure.”

Review submitted by Alexis


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