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phallosan forte review

Phallosan Forte Review

Increased awareness of the importance of having an “average” structure and stamina led to various searches regarding extenders, enhancement pills, and even surgical options.

However, with all of these comes testimonials regarding failed procedures, side effects, and other results that froze me with fear and prevented me from ever reaching out to anyone.

Phallosan Forte was that rogue streak of light that convinced me to try it again. It would have probably helped me regain that lost confidence if I had found it earlier then.

Phallosan Forte Summary

Phallosan Forte is a medically backed traction mechanism that uses constant distention of the penis muscles and fibers to allow the growth of new cells within the area after a few months of use.

This concept was also utilized in other methods, such as lip enlargement, neck elongation, earlobe extension in certain cultures, and even leg extensions. It was likewise able to garner recognition from Urological Medical Journal in 2005 with a 2004 study on its efficacy.

With its pain-free, chemical-free, and non-invasive means, it is indicated for various conditions such as penis enlargement or extension, erectile dysfunction, incurvate penis, supplementary treatment after prostate surgery, retraction penis, and even subjective penile deficiency.

Its large scope, as well as many of its other features and limitations, are indicated below:


  • No significant side effects from chemical ingestion
  • Comfortable and painless
  • Discreet service and packaging
  • A relevant increase in length of up to 1.9 inches if used correctly and consistently
  • Washable components


  • Sealing collars are only available in standard sizes
  • Hair growth products may restrict its efficacy
  • Takes time to produce results

Bottom Line

Phallosan Forte is ideal for a wide range of conditions – making it nearly the all-rounder of penis extenders.

It does fall short in a few aspects, such as its sizing and time constraints, but this is mainly attributed to the natural aspect of its structure and procedure.

Nevertheless, its medically backed results and testimonials are nothing to sleep on and might just be worth spending your time and money on.

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Phallosan Forte Review

Phallosan Forte Compatibility and Appropriateness

There are thousands of penis extenders on the market, but the main concern is always choosing the right one that best fits your needs and condition. Phallosan Forte effectively addresses both scenarios, providing a device that caters to a wide array of users with its structure, material composition, and functionality.

Compatible With…

Suppose you are sensitive to certain materials, such as latex. In that case, Phallosan Forte effectively resolves this by utilizing medical-grade materials and avoiding the use of latex in any of their attachments. As such, this might be an excellent option for you if you are not looking to get rashes and bumps after a few hours of use.

In addition to that, it is also compatible with both circumcised and uncircumcised men, allowing them to use the device and the protective cap freely despite their preferences. With the protective cap being the main barrier that prevents any redness in the area due to the vacuum, this indeed allows the safe usage of the device in all cases.

The additional inclusion of standardized sealing collars also effectively allows Phallosan Forte to fit all standard sizes and provide these results for a wider range of people. With all of these in its arsenal, if you are looking to resolve your issues but are concerned with its sizing, compatibility with your physiology, and appropriateness for the size and structure of your penis, then this might be worth considering for your enhancement regimen.

On the other hand, the device also addresses multiple conditions – covering a greater area to include as many indications as possible and make it most effective for whatever the user is currently experiencing. The following are included in its indications, and if you are suffering from any one of these, then this might be the gold mine that you have been looking for all along:

  • Penis Enlargement
  • Penis Extension
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Incurvate Penis
  • Post-Treatment of Prostate Surgery
  • Retraction Penis
  • Small Penis
  • Subject Penile Deficiency

Incompatible With…

Despite all these inclusions, the device, much like any other product, has a few restrictions that might be your cue to reconsider its use. The standardized sizes, while effective in making sure that it covers the most available sizes, restrict the use of abnormal conditions, making it difficult to utilize if your condition is especially unique. With the additional problem of having no means to return the product if it does not fit correctly, a pre-emptive check on its sizing should be done to ensure that everything is compatible before purchasing.

The device likewise utilizes a strap to hold the device and your genitalia in place, requiring a little space in your trouser region to maintain the tension that it produces. As such, if your work requires tight-fitting pants or if an attachment will be uncomfortable with your lifestyle, then this might be worth pushing back for a while or allotting a particular schedule for.

If you are taking hair growth products, their efficacy might also be hampered by the physiological effect that those medications produce. This is likewise true when you are taking alcohol, painkillers, tranquilizers, or sleeping pills, as this might mask the feeling of pain that usually indicates a problem with how the device is worn.

Buckle Up for Its Features

The device has three major components that all collectively contribute to its stretching functionality that then helps the genitalia to grow new cells and increase in its length and girth, on top of any straightening that occurs through the process: the belt, the suction bell with sleeve condom, and the comfort cap.

Suction Bell

As its name suggests, the suction bell is the component that applies a suction effect on the penis to secure its position within the sleeve condom. The bell, along with the sleeve condom, comes in three different sizes, and selecting the one that fits your genitalia perfectly is the first key to ensuring that no excessive pressure is applied.

Likewise, the availability of three sizes allows the device to fit most standard sizes, ranging from S to L. This is then attached to the suction ball, allowing the sleeve condom to adapt and determine the tension that it will consistently apply. The tension applied will be utterly dependent on your comfort level and by how much you press the suction ball to reach that amount of tension.

This constant tension applied by the collective functionality of the suction bell, suction ball, and sleeve condom, therefore, results in the consistent growth of new cells towards the area where the pressure is being applied, further resulting in the lengthening of the entire penile area.


On the other hand, the belt inclusion is perhaps one of the most critical portions of this version of the device as this produces the actual “stretching” mechanism that promotes growth in most, if not all, cases.

The belt is fashioned precisely like a regular belt, except that it is attached to the end of the suction bell. Tightening this belt allows the user to stretch their genitalia until it reaches the level where a slight tension is felt but is still relatively comfortable – indicating that the device is now applying pressure and performing its promised functionality properly.

In addition to that, the inclusion of the belt likewise minimizes the area that the device occupies, allowing its use even when wearing loosely fitting trousers garnering another point for its convenience and general utility.

Protector Cap

However, the protector cap is present not to apply pressure and induce the lengthening of your penis but to provide comfort while using the device, especially considering that it will be used for hours daily.

The protector cap is an attachment that you could place at the edge of your genitalia, protecting the glans during the consistent stretching and traction while the product is in use. This is usually attached before everything else, providing the user with maximum comfort despite being used constantly and consistently.

With its size that fits most, if not all, penis sizes, this further broadens the population it is compatible with.

Phallosan Forte Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are rest periods or breaks necessary when wearing the Phallosan Forte Device?

Fortunately, no, they are not necessary. The Phallosan Forte targets the muscle tissues of the penile area, promoting growth without introducing excessive strain to the point that it is damaging. In fact, the recommended use time for this device is around 8 to 10 hours in a day for the best and fastest results. It is a different issue, however, if significant discomfort is being observed.

Is the device washable?

Fortunately, no, they are not necessary. The Phallosan Forte targets the muscle tissues of the penile area, promoting growth without introducing excessive strain to the point that it is damaging. In fact, the recommended use time for this device is around 8 to 10 hours in a day for the best and fastest results. It is a different issue, however, if significant discomfort is being observed.

How should the protector cap be applied to uncircumcised people?

There are two options that you could utilize to approach this scenario. The first one is to pull back your foreskin and attach the cap to the area underneath. The second one is akin to regular application in which you simply attach the protector cap on top of the skin. Both are equally effective, and choosing one over the other is only a matter of comfort and preference.

What is the expected effect or result of using Phallosan Forte daily?

In general, an average increase of 1.9 inches while erect could be observed within the first six months at the most optimal conditions. The value drops to 1.3 inches when measured at a flaccid state.

Where can I find the latest Phallosan forte deals?

You can visit our Phallosan forte discount and sales page for the latest promotions.

Phallosan Forte Deal

Phallosan Forte User Reviews and Feedback

Phallosan Forte Review – February 1, 2023 (5/5)  

“I never thought that such an odd device could produce such results! I mean, I was skeptical at first because there was this belt thing, and it suctions the head, but what do you know? Apparently, we should never judge a book by its cover. In just a few months, I had an approximate increase of 1 inch while flaccid. I will keep on using this to see where this takes me.”

Review submitted by Rio.

Phallosan Forte Review – April 2, 2022 (5/5)  

“The vacuum tickles at first, but once I got past that, it was super comfortable. You could easily use it in your pants for daytime use since it was also using a belt attachment. I’m still waiting for a few more weeks before measuring since I only just started, but I feel positive about this. I would probably purchase another set just in case I lose some of the parts for the one I’m using right now.”

Review submitted by Stanley.

Phallosan Forte Review – January 12, 2023   (4/5)  

“It was hard to gauge the right size at first since there were three different sleeve condoms that were included in the package. It was all standardized measurements, and I was not sure which one was, so I had to try all of them on at first. It took a little while when I was still using it for the first few weeks, but I got the hang of it by the end of the month. Comfortable, safe, light, it is a complete package for me.”

Review submitted by Ed.

Phallosan Forte Review – April 12, 2022 (4/5)  

“I am honestly surprised by how well you could hide it within your pants. I mean, sure, it can still be a little bulky since the vacuum attachment and all that is like one big chunk, but other than that, you could easily just cover it up with loose-fitting clothes, and voila, it’s gone! I’ll try to explore more clothes that could possibly fit this, but right now, it is perfect for what I usually wear.”

Review submitted by Orson.

Phallosan Forte Review – January 26, 2023 (2/5)  

“I know that the standardized sizes for the sleeve condom were meant to fit most people, but unfortunately, I may be one of the odd ones. The large one was not suitable for my girth, and I was afraid it might rip if I forced it. It would have been a real game-changer for me as my initial impression was that it was light, and the material was gentle on the skin. I guess I would just have to wait for their customized accessories if there ever will be one.”

Review submitted by Ward.


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