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Male Edge Review

Male Edge Review

The journey towards enhancement is a long and usually disappointing journey that is familiar to most men – me included. Not finding the right option to finally give you the confidence that you desperately need makes trying again a daunting step to take.

Finding Male Edge was no exception to this fear, but with its safe and consistent results, I could only imagine the comfort it would have given me then.

It might not have been there for my problems then, but with this Male Edge review, perhaps this is your cue to consider this device for your issues now.

Male Edge Summary

Male Edge is a medical-grade device that is utilized to promote the replication and division of cells within your penis – inducing the growth and lengthening of your genitalia along with a subsequent increase in its girth.

The constant pressure that the traction device is applying causes small tears – and by small, we mean at a cellular level.

These tears do not necessarily cause pain, bleeding, or damages, but they still encourage the body to “repair itself,” so to speak.

As such, an evident improvement in the structure of the penis is observed with consistent, albeit prolonged, use of the device itself.

It can be used to address specific conditions such as having a less-than-appealing penile structure, a curved penis condition, or even just a simple dissatisfaction with your sexual performance.

Sure, it might not be as convenient or as quick to promise instant results as other more invasive methods, but if you are, much like other users, scared to jump into something that could put you at risk, then perhaps you have come to the right place.


  • Risk-free and non-invasive procedure
  • Can improve blood flow to the penile area within weeks of use
  • Recommended use is tapered to avoid overexertion
  • A detailed video guide is included upon purchase
  • Basic to Pro Packages are affordable, topping at $199.99


  • The strap is not the most comfortable
  • The traction level is not the strongest
  • Sleeping habits may prevent you from wearing the device at night

The Bottom Line

The device certainly has a minor flaw of its own. Still, it does not take anything away from the affordability, safety, and efficacy of its features combined into one efficient device.

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While it might not be the device that produces the fastest results or the most convenient to wear in any location imaginable, it certainly is one of the must-consider in the market with its features, benefits, and design.

Male Edge Review

Male Edge: Are You Planning to Take on The Journey?

Male Edge is a penile traction medical-grade device that helps men with specific problems in their genitalia’s structure and functionality regain the confidence they have sought for years. It provides a consistent “pulling action” on the penis, causing the smallest of tears in the penile tissue.

While this does not inflict any pain to the user (do not worry, it does not work like that), it allows the body to grow and enhance the area through natural means.

While all of these might seem too flowery and enticing on paper, is this really the right option for you?

There are many things to consider, from lifestyle to habits to expected results, but the most crucial question that you should ask is, “would this device provide me with exactly what I need?”

The Male Edge device is a penile traction device that relies on the repetitive strain applied by its traction to allow the body to naturally grow towards the length that you desire – making it ideal for those who are somehow still on edge on whether enhancement, pills, devices, or otherwise, is the right option for them.

While many products might seem daunting for first-time users, the Male Edge device alleviates such by utilizing the body’s growth process itself to enhance your penis. This might seem “artificial” in some sense, but this is the perfect option for those who prefer something relatively “natural” over completely artificial, chemical, or worse, surgical.

The fear of risks is also a critical factor here as this is perhaps a godsend for those who are terrified of acquiring side effects from the products that they use, especially considering that the penis would possibly be the last thing that they would want to be injured, damaged, or wrecked in some way.

If you are looking for that breath of fresh air amidst the unsettling promises of pills and surgery, then this might be the one to consider for you.

Budget-wise, this is likewise a must-consider with its relatively affordable options.

Top that all off with a tapered recommended use program, then it certainly is a gold mine for those who would like to take it slow, safe, sure, and of course, cheap – something that is a big seller for many, if not all potential users.

However, with all the upsides mentioned above, it also comes with the biggest con regarding natural remedies – time.

If you are looking for those quick, 12-hour results for your “adventures,” so to speak, the following evening, then this might not necessarily be the best way to go about it.

While this might be one of the safest procedures you could partake in, this certainly is not the fastest as the body takes its sweet time to heal itself and reproduce the necessary cells.

While this might be one of the top candidates for you to consider in other areas, this might not be as compatible with you if you are yearning for that instant magic and, of course, extreme convenience (it helps, but it sure is bulky for some).

The Journey of the Male Edge Device

The Male Edge device initially comes assembled – removing the need and the risk of arranging the device incorrectly and inducing harmful tensions instead of enhancing ones to your genitalia.

By consistently producing the desired amount of tension as prescribed and indicated by the company, results will be parallel and similar to the promised effects of the products themselves.

As previously mentioned, Male Edge is a penile traction device that applies a consistent stream of pressure and stretching action to your penis to create tiny tears within the tissues and allow the body to “heal” the area and introduce a few more cells into the mix.

This is performed by the tension rods attached to the sides of the device, which produce varying traction levels depending on the user’s necessity, progression, and comfort level. The device itself comes with a wide traction range of 1200g to 2800g of pull – allowing the user to perfectly taper and optimize the level of traction depending on their needs and comfort.

By enabling the customization of its tension, the need for a stringent progression regimen is eliminated, and the possibility for overexertion is limited – something that could produce unwanted effects when not managed properly.

The product likewise comes with a rotational adjustment rod that allows the fine-tuning of its tension.

By being able to finely determine the exact tension that is most comfortable for any user, it will enable the proper use of the device and the lessening of any instances of injury that might prove to be dangerous, especially for first-timers who are still trying to gauge the optimal adjustment for their tolerance and condition.

The device’s efficacy is likewise enhanced with the inclusion of comfortability features such as its ergonomic design and material choice.

The structure of its base perfectly rests on the user’s pelvis – inducing the illusion, with the help of its lightweight size as well, that the sensation is perfectly normal, allowing them to perform their everyday routines as usual.

With the device applying a constant level of tension for hours, friction might cause the development of a rash or a painful/tender feeling when the design is not optimized – making its wide and flattened shape at its base a big plus to address such concerns.

The inclusion of top-quality materials that are otherwise compromised in other less-reliable options likewise prevents any instances of allergic reactions. It enhances its compatibility with individuals who tend to have hypersensitive instances.

Round that all up with other bonus features (or perhaps given ones, as it should) such as its money-back guarantee, discreet service, and affordable packages, it certainly is one of the must-watch or maybe even a must-buy product if your conditions just so happen to be in line with what it provides.

Male Edge Packages for Your Very Own Package

Male Edge offers three different packages at relatively close price points and contents.

  • Basic Package at $149.99
  • Extra Package at $174.99
  • Pro Package at $199.99

The Basic Package contains the basic materials and attachments needed to make the device functional and deliver its promised results. This includes the device itself, a measurer, a travel bag, the product box, a brochure, and two pieces of the rubber strap.

The Extra Package provides additional comfort through the inclusion of a protection pad as well as another extra piece of the rubber strap.

On the other hand, the Pro package improves on the Extra Package by adding two more rubber straps, an additional protection pad, and a cohesive gauze to complete the set.

Male Edge Deal

What the Users Have to Say: Male Edge Reviews and Evaluations

Male Edge Review – September 1, 2021 (5/5) 

“I was so afraid about trying this one because of all the rods and the straps, but it was astonishing to learn that it was so comfortable! I mean, I could barely notice that it is there, and I can use it for a few hours without the need for breaks. After a few months of use, I could confidently say that there are some changes. It takes a little time, but I would rather go for this than go with popping pills.”

Review submitted by Bennett

Male Edge Review – April 7, 2021 (5/5) 

“If you are still unsure about what you should use to make your ‘jewels’ bigger, then you should probably check this out. And by checking it out, I mean, give it a few moments to kick in. You could feel tension at first, but it easily subsides after a few weeks. Definitely the best three months of my life!”

Review submitted by Alex

Male Edge Review – March 27, 2021 (3/5) 

“I would just like to preface this review by saying that I love this device, and it definitely is a must-have for me. Unfortunately, I had to stop using it because work was starting to pile up, and it is not exactly invisible under my trousers. Since it had rods, it was also hard to use while sleeping, so I had to reserve a few hours for this alone. Nevertheless, I still got a good 1-1.5 inches of improvement after using it for how many months, and I could say that I did not regret my decision about using this in the first place.”

Review submitted by Hines

Male Edge Review – January 25, 2021 (4/5) 

“I have tried over dozens of penis extenders, and all of them worked fine, sure, but there is always that discomfort at first that I could just not shake off. At first, I thought it was because I was new to the device, but when I used Male Edge and followed its detailed guide, I did not experience any of the pain I felt before. It helped try to get even a veteran like me settled in, preventing side effects like reddening and swelling that I would have experienced if I did not put it on correctly. Never changing back to those ever again now that I found Male Edge!”

Review submitted by Travis

Male Edge Review – February 14, 2021 (5/5) 

“So, I have this new girlfriend, and we’re about to celebrate our anniversary this Valentines’ day. We never really did the thing before, so I was insecure about its size and afraid that she might be dissatisfied with me. Around six months before writing this review, I found Male Edge, and it was the best moment of my life. I used it consistently in secret and ta-da! Confidence regained with just a single device. I am really hoping that this all goes well (which I am almost sure that it will because even I was impressed by that size).”

Review submitted by Dwight


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