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sizegenetics review

SizeGenetics Review

Most men are painfully aware of the burden of their manhood, constantly lagging behind their backs whenever they feel like everything from its size and shape to its performance is continuously not enough.

I once struggled with it, too, buckling me down every chance that it got, and when it started to reflect on my relationships, it was my cue then and there to find a solution immediately.

SizeGenetics would have been a game-changer for me then, providing me with that boost of confidence without exposing me to unnecessary risks. With this SizeGenetics review, perhaps this device will help you the same way it will be able to help us.


SizeGenetics is a medical-grade penile traction device that promises penile growth, increases in girth, boosted stamina, and shooting confidence on top of every other feature that it offers.

It utilizes the body’s natural response to stress – using its recovery process to induce the growth of new cells, fibers, and ligaments to increase the length of your genitalia successfully.

With consistent use and trust in the product’s capabilities, it promises an increase of up to 10% in length within the first few months.  In addition to that, it is also designed to fit most, if not all, sizes, with its scope ranging from 4 cm to 22 cm.

Rounding that all off with an extra discreet delivery service and a money-back guarantee on their product, perhaps this is the product that will be able to provide you with the discretion, efficacy, and safety that you are looking for in your ideal device

+ Pros

  • Guaranteed increase in length, girth, stamina, and pleasure
  • Vast size compatibility
  • No risks due to chemical intake or any invasive procedure
  • Discreet service
  • Simple to use

– Cons

  • Requires dedication to obtain results
  • Time-consuming
  • Uncomfortable to wear under tight trousers
  • Takes months before results become evident

Bottom Line

Much like any other device, it has a few shortcomings inherent to its design and use. However, it still offers various features and presumed results worth considering.

SizeGenetics Review

A Quick Look

There are various penile traction devices in the market, but the big question that always lingers in each person considering buying one is, “Is this the right one for me?”

SizeGenetics is a medical-grade device explicitly designed to help men achieve greater lengths, girth, and stamina.

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In any case, if you are searching for a device that could resolve the problems you are currently dealing with, then perhaps it is worth looking even deeper into its compatibility with your situation.

As the market is filled with various pills such as Performer 8 that offer instant effects in hours or excessive improvements within days, it is hard to find something that you could trust and is arguably safer than most options.

SizeGenetics could perhaps be your answer to this dilemma if you are somehow hesitant to expose yourself to harmful chemicals that only may work.

If you have specific allergies, are taking multiple medications, or are simply absolutely terrified of ingesting anything that you could not fully grasp, then going mechanical is perhaps the ideal option for you. With its adjustable traction and medical-grade materials, you could quickly alleviate these fears and worries that might plague you otherwise.

However, certain factors might make the product somehow less favorable than most.

The drawback of going all-natural is that nature takes its time to progress – requiring more time than usual to produce results. As such, if you are looking for a quick solution to your problems, then this might not fully satisfy you with its immediate output.

In addition to that, a few hours of your daily routine could also be taken up while using this product – restricting you to private places due to its bulky structure when in use. With the additional problem of having to use it for hours to obtain decent results in the shortest amount of time, this only becomes practical for people who have the time to use this product efficiently.

With such constraints on when and where it can be used, it becomes a hassle for those restricted to a tight schedule. However, this does not take away from the benefits it has in store for many, and this does not restrict anyone from taking advantage of it and doing so.

To help you get started with your decision-making process, here is a list of the features that the SizeGenetics Penis Extender offers. These are further discussed in the succeeding portions.

  • All-natural enhancers utilizing growth-inducing tractions
  • Equipped with comfort straps to make the experience more manageable
  • Discreet packaging and service from ordering to delivery
  • The device can fit most, if not all, men, circumcised and non-circumcised alike
  • Employs prolonged use for better and faster results
  • Four packages at different price points with differing contents

The Traction Action Behind the Curtains

Penile size and girth problems are usually attributed to genetics, making it a complex issue for many people to tackle and talk about. In the colloquial world, the structure of one’s genitalia may become a certain standard for many, resulting in various dire efforts to make their area stand out as much as possible from the pack.

However, this desperation would ultimately lead to the use of products promising fast results, which are, in most cases, chemical-based to provide an immediate systemic reaction. While this might seem promising for many, this also comes with a handful of risks that would certainly hamper their experience.

SizeGenetics rode over the tunnel instead of going through it, opting for integration between technology and natural responses to develop a traction device. It is designed to deliver a constant stream of pressure and stress to the muscles and ligaments in the penis, encouraging it to cope and grow further to reduce the stress it is experiencing.

Two parallel bars are attached on the sides of the device to control the level of tension and traction that you will be introducing to your genitalia. This can be freely adjusted depending on your comfortability. This allows the penis to grow gradually through repetitive use, improving its length and girth on top of the improved blood flow to the area, resulting in harder and longer erections.

Although users have reported a slight discomfort upon initial use, this is perfectly normal and would subside upon repetition due to the growth of the muscles that then lessen the traction that the device can deliver.

Using the same phenomena, it can also address penile curvature, also known as Peyronies disease. This is commonly associated with genetics or the build-up of excessive plaque in a specific region of the organ, causing the curved shape of its shaft.

As was observed previously, the traction would encourage the growth of new cells in the area where the pressure is focused, allowing it to address curvatures and straighten them throughout the process.

To make the user’s experience even more meaningful, SizeGenetics likewise offers various miscellaneous amenities that will make their journey as comfortable as it can be. Their discreet packaging and service that only indicates the recipient’s address on the box maintains the user’s privacy throughout the transaction.

The package (on top of the included add-ons depending on the set) also contains a detailed manual of how to use the product, how often it should be used, safety precautions, and other information as important as using the actual product itself.

With the inclusion of a money-back guarantee, the user’s experience certainly is placed above everything else, and satisfaction is the crucial player in their consideration for their service.

Available SizeGenetics Packages

SizeGenetics offers four different packages, all of which contain the device and specific add-ons designed to boost your overall experience.

  • Curvature and Peyronie’s Package at $299.95
  • Ultimate System at $299.95
  • Comfort Package at $249.95
  • Value Edition at $199.95

All the packages contain the basic device set, including the traction device, 1-year warranty, a dual-function front piece, a comfort strap, a protection pad, elongation bars of various lengths, and a quick start guide. Various “comfort accessories” are then included in packages other than the Value Edition.

The Comfort package contains an additional set of elongation bars, a silicon tube, a set of keys, a no-slip “protech,” and a 3M advanced comfort plaster.

The Curvature and Peyronie’s package, on the other hand, can be considered as an upgrade of the comfort package, containing additional products such as extra silicon tubes, a gauze, an extra dual-function front piece, and an extra plaster on top of the inclusions in the previous set.

The Ultimate System, on the other hand, improves the comfort package differently by adding an Accelerate cream moisturizer and traction talcum powder instead – all for the same price as the previous package.

SizeGenetics Deal

Frequently Asked Questions

How long should I use the product in a day?

After “breaking in” the product itself, also known as the brief startup period, you may use it for around 5-6 hours in a day to observe results within the next 2-3 months.

Are the results permanent?

Theoretically, continuous use would always equate to constant improvements. Considering that new cells are being developed in areas of greater pressure, the effect is assumed to be permanent. Occasional use, however, is still recommended to ensure and guarantee the consistency of your results.

Can it be worn in public or while you sleep?

The device can be attached while wearing loose trousers, but tight-fitting attires might impede its functionality and injure you in the process. The same concern goes for sleeping with its attachment, as it might be compressed when turning and shifting around.

Is sex allowed while under the treatment process?

Yes! Some users have reported an improved erection and stamina due to the increased blood flow to the area after continuous tractions.

SizeGenetics User Reviews

SizeGenetics Review – June 14, 2022 (5/5)  

“I thought that it would be hard to find the penis extender that would fit me, but the coverage of SizeGenetics is just massive! I mean, I don’t usually measure the size of my penis, but I am sure that it is shorter than most. Guess what? Still compatible with the device, and it did not feel like I was pulling so hard. I have been using this for only a few weeks now, and I must say that it has been such a great experience throughout.”

Review submitted by Elmer

SizeGenetics Review – September 19, 2021 (3/5)  

“I, unfortunately, had to return the product due to some issues that I had with the results, so that was a little disappointing for me after spending a few months on it. But perhaps that was the worst part of it. I was able to get my money back in no time, and there was no hassle at all in trying to contact them. I might get myself checked by the doctor first to be sure, but I would like to try it out again if I could.”

Review submitted by Francis

SizeGenetics Review – August 17, 2021 (5/5)  

“I was amazed by the packages that they are offering. I mean, you have one specified for Peyronies’, you have the basic set, you even have a value set! I used the value set since I was running on a budget (which was a lifesaver for me), and I recommended the Peyronies’ set for my friend since he was suffering from that condition. If you want specialized sets instead of just jumping in blind, then this is the one to beat.”

Review submitted by Damon

SizeGenetics Review – March 30, 2022 (4/5)  

“Being uncircumcised, I feel like I had a lot of trouble putting it on since I was not entirely sure how it would work if I placed it over the foreskin. I tried to search the internet and fumble around with it, and three weeks later, here I am still enjoying the device. While the visible results are not revealed instantly, SizeGenetics had effects on my performance already after just a week of using it. I felt stronger, and I felt like I could go longer than before. So glad to have found this.”

Review submitted by Phil


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