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proextender review

ProExtender Review

Bigger genitalia has always been a standard in the real world – a standard for manliness, strength, and sexual prowess, even.

Walking down the street with such a burden is something that I am no stranger to and once crippled my confidence about starting relationships and even thinking about it to boot. It was something that I had to work on, knowing that I cannot keep on secluding myself forever.

ProExtender would have been a real game-changer for my life then and a convenient one at that! With its risk-free enhancement and convenient use, I could only imagine how exciting my life’s journey would have been.

ProExtender Summary

ProExtender is a penis extender device that helps the penile area grow to even greater lengths by inducing new cells, muscles, fibers, and ligaments.

By utilizing a pair of metal rods that can be adjusted depending on the current flaccid size of the penis, it allows the application of a consistent level of tension and pressure on the area, nudging the body’s innate response to develop new cells that will further enhance the structure of the genitalia.

With comfort straps included, the tension is relatively tolerable and manageable, with a slight hint of pressure as it usually should.

With such a non-invasive method that promises results despite the lack of any ingested medications or surgical enhancements, it certainly justifies the time it takes to procure sufficient results.


  • May correct penis curvature on top of length enhancement
  • Painless and non-invasive procedure
  • Relatively permanent upon consistent use
  • Improves the general health of the organ due to an increased blood flow
  • Quick and discreet delivery service
  • 3-month warranty and money-back guarantee


  • Price of $299.95 is relatively steep for its inclusions
  • High risk of damage if used while sleeping
  • Requires consistently prolonged use to obtain results

In Sum

ProExtender is an excellent device for individuals who would like to opt for a non-invasive and risk-free procedure that they could simply attach whenever it is convenient.

With its superb penis enhancing and curvature straightening capabilities, it sure is something worth considering amidst several treatment options.

From its safety considerations to the results that it promises and effectively delivers, this might just be the device that you could consider spending a few dollars on.

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ProExtender Review

Does It Fit the Mold?

The ProExtender is an attachable device that promotes the growth of the penis’ structure through cell-by-cell extension – taking advantage of the body’s recovery mechanism to induce the development of new cells with micro-tears in the tissue. Considering that the procedure is a relatively “controlled” application of consistent pressure to the tissues themselves, it needs to be perfectly suitable for your condition to avoid side effects and achieve the best results. With such methods, perhaps knowing its compatibility should be the first thing on any user’s list of things to look out for.

If you are looking for a safe alternative to pills and enhancement surgery, then this non-invasive procedure is probably one of the best bets for you. Its utilization of the body’s normal regeneration process does not introduce any foreign substance to the body that might produce a long-term effect when ingested. As such, this device is worth considering for those who still have their doubts regarding their options – providing them with a relatively safe fallback method before trying out even more daring products.

In addition to that, the device is also completely compatible with individuals looking for enhancements in aspects other than lengths, such as to correct their curvature or to obtain harder climaxes and better performance. The consistent tension applied on the genitalia encourages better circulation to facilitate growth, allowing the user to get harder and longer erections that are guaranteed to make you and your partner happy in bed. With such effects, this might be the other reason you can use the product to its fullest potential.

However, the first thing that is noticeable with it is its bulky size – resulting in the limitation of when and where it could be used. Despite the claims that it can be used under relatively loose trousers, its bulky size will still somehow be prominent and might become a source of awkward attachment awareness. It is likely not as compatible with people who lead busy schedules and need to wear tight-fitting pants for work. Physical activity likewise prevents the continuous use of the device, further restricting its general usability outdoors.

With these considerations, if you are a working individual or are commonly involved in strenuous physical activities, then this might not be the best option for you. You could still allocate a specific time frame for its use; however, its recommended use of 4 to 12 hours in a day would be challenging to achieve on time. With the prominence of the result taking time as it is, any delays might result in the delay of the results, making this option inconducive for such individuals.

Getting to Know the ProExtender Features

The ProExtender utilizes the traction that the interconnected components can deliver to induce the growth of the penis and allow it to achieve greater lengths. This is mainly attributed to the three components that work together flawlessly to provide both comfort and enhancement in a single device: the elongation bars, silicon tube ring, and the device base.

Device Base

The device itself is fitted with a standard-sized base, serving as the component that holds everything together and allowing all the various parts to perform their tasks efficiently. While attached to the silicon tube strap and the elongation bars, the device’s base has a wide surface area that touches against the base of the penis, exerting the accumulated pressure in a greater area to avoid the feeling of discomfort while the device is being worn.

In addition to that, its ergonomic design likewise allows it to easily rest on the genitalia and continue to apply pressure and traction without causing damage or pain to the user while the elongation bars are stretched. With its excellent choice of material and intelligent modeling, it allows the device to stay on for hours with a reliable grip that then permits its simultaneous use even when performing another necessary task.

Despite its issues regarding the convenience of its bulk structure, the efficient design of the base makes up for it when the conditions are just right – providing not only the intended results but the right amount of comfort and ease to go along with it as well.

Elongation Bars

The package includes two metal rods that can then be attached to the sides of the device. These rods are available in different lengths depending on the set ordered, but it is generally sufficient to cater to most sizes plus the required length for stretching the penis itself. These rods serve as the adjustment points of the device, wherein adding more rods will allow greater lengths while less would significantly shorten it to fit perfectly to your genitalia.

With this attachment, the device can customize itself to provide the perfect fit for any user – allowing the application of just the right amount of pressure that is even more reliable due to the user’s adjustment and assessment of their comfort level as well.

Silicone Tube Straps

The silicone tube straps are the attachments that directly touch the tip of your penis itself, exerting the pressure provided by the elongation bars on the genitalia’s body. The attachment resembles a loop that holds the penis’ tip in place, extending it accordingly based on how you adjusted the elongation bars while maintaining the same comfort level that the product promises. The loop shape allows it to wrap around comfortably on the penis – removing the friction or pulsing sensation caused by other methods such as vacuums or clamps.

In addition to that, its silicone material likewise makes it suitable even for people who have latex allergies, preventing any sensitive reaction to the material makeup of the device. With its extending shape on top of it, resistance is tolerable or barely noticeable upon use, making the device perfect even for everyday use.

Ka-Ching! The ProExtender Packages and Their Prices

The ProExtender offers two different packages with drastically differing contents based on their inclusions and add-ons.

  • Original ProExtender
  • Deluxe ProExtender

The original ProExtender package contains the device’s basic parts and a few amenities to go with it. Priced at $299.95, it includes the ProExtender Penis Enlargement Device, a set of 2-inch elongation bars, and a comfort strap, perfect for flaccid penis sizes of around 2 to 7 inches.

On the other hand, the Deluxe ProExtender package, priced at $399.95, contains all the basic amenities with a few more inclusions such as another set of 2-inch elongation bars, a set of ½-inch elongation bars, a silicone tube strap, and a specially made metal carrying box for your device, perfect even for sizes up to 9 inches.

ProExtender Deal

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the ProExtender likewise increase girth?

It does! In fact, along with an observed average increase of 24% in length, users have also reported an average increase of 19% in girth.

What name will show up on the billing statement?

Discretion is highly valued by ProExtender as this might be a sensitive subject for many. As such, the name that would appear on your statements would either be “leadingedgehealth.com” or “www.leminternet.com.”

What if I get an erection while using the device? Will it cause damages?

The device perfectly adjusts to your penis size, even when it becomes erect at some point. In some cases, it might simply slide off smoothly, but you could attach it again once it returns to its flaccid state.

ProExtender User Reviews and Feedback

ProExtender Review – January 11, 2021 (5/5)  

“This is the absolute meaning of comfort. I thought I wouldn’t be too swell with the straps since that is the only one I saw at first, but then there was a silicone tube included in another package. I tried both and loved the silicone one! It sits just right, and there was no gritty feeling at all. I’ll try the strap one soon, but I doubt that it gets better than this!”

Review submitted by Willard

ProExtender Review – March 19, 2021 (5/5)  

“I love how it just sits there on the base and how stable it was even though I was moving a lot while it was on. And by a lot, I mean a lot. I am kind of fiddly, so it was really a big help for me when it could stay on without slipping. I switch back on forth between the tube and the strap now and then depending on the situation, but both are just as comfortable as the other.”

Review submitted by Wayne

ProExtender Review – February 3, 2021 (4/5) 

“The set of elongation bars was a godsend for me, especially because I am picky when it comes to things. Since there were many options, I could fine-tune the rods and get just the right level of tension for my everyday use. It took a little time to get just the right level since I had to switch between the rods, but the results were just amazing. Totally amazing!”

Review submitted by Winston

ProExtender Review – January 10, 2021 (5/5)  

“Awesome, awesome, awesome! It’s hard to choose just a few words to describe this sensation, but it was absolutely mental. While I have some curvature problems, it also took a little effort to maintain my erections in bed. After just using this for a few months, all of that was seemingly solved! I mean, I was in it for one thing, but I got more. Who would not want that?”

Review submitted by John

ProExtender Review – February 20, 2021 (3/5)  

“This is probably an isolated problem for some, but since I live in another country, it took longer than usual for me to receive my order (2 weeks if I recall correctly). Nevertheless, I was still glad that the packaging was so discreet, so I didn’t really have to worry about the product being received by my roommates. It would have been better, though, if it were a little faster; I’d take those whopping results nonetheless.”

Review submitted by Marty


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