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Trimex for Erectile Dysfunction

Does Trimex for Erectile Dysfunction Work?

Did you ever think how was erectile dysfunction (ED) treated in the pre-Viagra era? It wasn’t that easy, as is frequently required visits to the doctors. Viagra or PDE5 inhibitors changed that all. But, regretfully, Viagra or Cialis or other PDE5 inhibitors fail in a small number of cases.

In 10-20% of more severe cases of ED, especially in those living with chronic diseases, or older adults, PDE5 inhibitors may not help well. This is were Trimex comes into play. Perhaps the most potent treatment of ED. But, not the most comfortable, as it involves injecting medications directly into penile tissues.

In the pre-Viagra era, doctors started ED treatment with therapy with milder drugs that did not work in many cases. People also used physiotherapy, pumps, and so on. But, finally, in many cases, people injected medications directly into the penile tissue. T

Trimex is a potent mix of three well-proven drugs for penile injection. This is a treatment for those who would not benefit from any other medication. It is one of the final non-surgical ways to treat the condition.

Trimex, and How It Helps With Erectile Dysfunction

Trimex has three components that are alprostadil, papaverine, and phentolamine. Together they form a potent spasmolytic mix that helps relax blood vessels in the penile tissue almost instantly. This means that it works immediately after injecting it into the penis with practically no waiting.

It is for those who have exhausted other means. Self-injecting into penile tissue before the sexual act is not that difficult as it may sound, though it requires some practice.


It is a prostaglandin analog, a kind of substance that the human body produces in a small amount. Prostaglandins have numerous roles in health and diseases. Therefore, alprostadil works better when injected directly to the penis, as this helps avoid other unwanted effects.

It is a very safe and yet potent drug. When injected into the penis, it causes relaxation of local blood vessels, improved blood flow, and hard erection. It can provide an erection for several hours. It’s primarily side effect is unwanted and painful erection in some cases that may last for hours – a condition called priapism (1).

It is suitable for casual use, though frequent injections may not be the best option. Some people may report pain at the site of injection, especially after sex (2). Studies classify it as a second-line medication after PDE5 inhibitors like Viagra or Cialis, a treatment for resistant cases (3).


It is an antispasmodic drug, a kind of alkaloid, first derived from opium, though now it is made synthetically. It is a potent antispasmodic, and doctors may use it to treat spastic visceral pains. It is a very old drug, first discovered in 1848. This means that doctors know it well.

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Its use to diagnose and treat erectile dysfunction is quite old. It is particularly helpful in the diagnosis of ED or vascular origin. Since it can relax just any smooth muscle in the body, local injection directly into the penile tissues helps avoid that inconvenience.

It is used as an injection to treat other spasms like cerebral, coronary, and so on. But when injected into other muscles, only a small part goes to the penis, which is not enough to provide hard erection (4).

It is excellent for treating ED of vascular origin, and may not help much when it is due to psychological causes. Thus, doctors may even use it for differential diagnosis (5).


A powerful vasodilator that acts by blocking alpha-one receptors of blood vessels. Another old drug that is primarily in use for treating hypertension emergencies. When given intravenously, it reduces blood pressure, causes the heart to beat faster. Trimex must be injected directly into the penile tissue, as one wants to avoid the blood pressure-lowering action of the drug.

Oral tablets of phentolamine may also help a bit, but they will also reduce blood pressure. Those living with hypertension may discuss their problem with a doctor, as for them, using phentolamine may have dual benefits (6).

However, it is essential to bear in mind that nowadays, doctors rarely use it to treat blood pressure, as there are many better and safer drugs.

Final Thoughts

Trimex is one of the most potent and perhaps final mediational treatment options for those living with refractive ED that would not respond to PDE5 inhibitors like Viagra or Cialis.

Injecting drugs directly into the penis may sound painful, but with the right kind of equipment and practice, it becomes a habit and is not very difficult. Moreover, it provides hope for those severe cases.

What is best about this drug is that it helps anywhere in 80-100% of the cases. Yes, that is a high percentage, bearing in mind that most users are those living with ED since long, and not responding to other medications (7, 8).

The risk of any side effects is minimized by learning the right technique, usually under the medical supervision in the beginning, or by learning from other sources. It is better to start with lower doses, since in many cases, it may result in an unwanted and painful erection lasting for hours.