ASIP is a volunteer-run association of national and international professionals who develop and promote activities to reduce the risk of infant death and provide bereavement and other services to families who have experienced the death of an infant.  Members include nurses, social workers, medical examiners, public health professionals and policymakers.

Members may serve on the Executive Board, or on one of five teams which are dedicated to key areas, recently identified in the organization’s strategic planning process:  Member Engagement, Funding, Recognition, Strategic Partnerships, and Communication.

Professional Growth Opportunities

ASIP and its members collaborate on research studies and demonstration projects, author papers together, and present ASIP’s work at national and international conferences.

“I feel personally and professionally enriched by my ASIP membership.  Outside our field, there is little understanding of the work we do with bereaved parents.  ASIP is the organization I turn to for assistance, emotional support, knowledge and skills.  It is an organization made up of amazing professionals connected by their commitment to serving families.”

Joan Arnold, RN, PhD Chair,

ASIP Research, and Professor of Community and Public Health Nursing,

The College of New Rochelle

Professional Materials

Members receive ASIP’s position papers, training materials and other guides at no cost.


At the federal level, ASIP voices the perspectives and experiences of infant mortality professionals and state programs, and advocates for their needs.

Support and Consultation

Through its conferences and one-on-one technical assistance, ASIP helps programs develop and evaluate their services.  The State-to-State Listserv moderated by Project IMPACT provides up-to-date information on research and funding opportunities and access to researchers and practitioners worldwide.

ASIP Conferences

ASIP conferences are a hallmark of its 20-year history, gathering a diverse group of professionals to discuss:

Scientific and clinical research Risk reduction initiatives Grief and bereavement services Counseling approaches


Membership is available to professionals or organizations with an interest in SIDS and infant/child mortality. Members are eligible to serve as an ASIP officer and vote at ASIP’s annual meeting. Organizational memberships are available, however, organizational members have no voting rights.