You may download a copy of the publications available in PDF format, listed below.  Hard copies are available using this form. Please contact ASIP at 1-800-930-7437 or send us a message using our Contact Us form for mor information .

A Case Study of Faith-Based Outreach in New York City: Lessons Learned from a Risk Reduction Initiative–Final Report, July 2004 (15 pp.)   PDF version  (673 KB)

Bereavement Counseling for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and Infant Mortality: Core Competencies for the Health Care Professional (May 2004, 39 pp.)     PDF version  (201 KB)

Pilot of ASIP SIDS and Other Infant Death Program Evaluation Plan: Final Report (March 2003, 27 pp.)

Supporting Families from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) To Other Infant Death, Lessons Learned–Final Report, September 2003 (9 pp.)

American Indian Infant Mortality Meeting: Community Driven Strategies, January 22 and 23, 2003, Rapid City, SD (81 pp.)

The Unexpected Death of an Infant or Child: Standards for Services to Families (2001, 23 pp.)     PDF version  (1.52 MB)   SIDS and Other Infant Death Program Evaluation Plan (2001, 16 pp.)

Database Templates for Case Management, Program/Case Activity Reporting Inventory, Outreach Education, and Epidemiology (2001, 37 pp.)

Other Infant Death–An Evolution of SIDS Programs: A State/Local SIDS and Infant Death Program Perspective; Recommendations from the Invitational Meeting, March 16, 2000, San Diego, CA, Final Report (November 2000, 71 pp.)

ASIP has co-authored these publications with NFIMR (the National Fetal-Infant Mortality Review Program):

Annotated Bibliography On Grief and Bereavement Following Pregnancy Loss, Perinatal and Infant Death, UPDATED JANUARY 2009(Jan. 2009, 22 pp.). Click to view article here.

NFIMR Bulletin: Cross Cultural Expressions of Grief and Loss II: When an Infant Dies, Vol. 2, Nov. 2003 (28 pp.)      

Fetal and Infant Mortality Review: A Guide for Home Interviewers (Dec. 2002, 87 pp.), and C.D. version of same NFIMR link includes link to PDF version (642 KB)

NFIMR Bulletin: When an Infant Dies: Cross Cultural Expressions of Grief and Loss, July 1999 (20 pp.)  link includes text of this publication